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Langbein ADR Services offers the highest caliber of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services specializing in mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, fact-finding and the conduct of internal investigations. I invite you to consider my extensive background and experience when seeking the right neutral to push through the issues, by-pass the barriers, provide a fair process and encourage a lasting resolution.

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  • Langbein ADR is a leading firm specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), offering clients innovative solutions for resolving conflicts outside the traditional court system. Langbein ADR handles a wide range of civil disputes, including those arising in all areas of Labor and Employment law, the Fair Housing Act, the ADA, and controversies involving Landlord/Tenant, Business, Commercial, Insurance matters and even those affecting community or familial relationships. Langbein ADR is dedicated to promoting harmonious resolutions while minimizing the emotional and financial burdens associated with litigation.
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Expertise: Leslie W. Langbein of Langbein ADR Services has served as a neutral for nearly three decades assuring her clientele a high level of training, knowledge and experience in the field of ADR. Her expertise has resulted in effective and successful outcomes for clients across diverse sectors.


Confidentiality: Upholding strict confidentiality standards, Langbein ADR Services ensures clients’ sensitive information and reputations remain protected throughout the resolution process. This commitment fosters trust and confidence in the provision of ADR services.


Customized Approach: Langbein ADR Services understands that each dispute is unique and may require changes to ADR conventional processes and procedures. Leslie W. Langbein consults with each client ahead of the scheduled date of mediation or arbitration to tailor the process to each client’s specific needs. This customized approach increases the likelihood of achieving amicable and lasting resolutions.


Time-Saving: Langbein ADR Services' efficient methods expedite the dispute resolution process, enabling clients to swiftly move forward and concentrate on their future objectives. This streamlined approach saves clients valuable time and resources.

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Committed to Providing Neutral and Fair Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Irrespective of who you are or by whom you are represented, Langbein ADR Services offers a neutral platform to clients during their chosen resolution process. This means both sides participate in the proceeding on an equal basis, each having an opportunity to present its/their positions in accordance with published ethical standards governing the chosen resolution process. If that resolution process is mediation, it is important to know that no party can be forced to settle, if that is truly the party’s desire. But, Langbein ADR Services will explain the benefits of a well negotiated mediated settlement to enable parties to make an informed choice. Langbein ADR Services can assist each party in formulating and presenting a unique proposal that may achieve its desired outcome.



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