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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mention the name “Leslie W. Langbein” in a conversation about Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) professionals and it immediately commands recognition, regard and respect for her standing in the field. Ms. Langbein’s long association with the nation’s leading ADR providers, and her well-established career in the field (including service as a sole arbitrator and as chair of three-person panels, faculty member at training institutes, and author of published articles and awards) make her a candidate on any short-list of neutrals.

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Ms. Langbein’s ADR credentials include service as a

ADR Qualifications

Ms. Langbein’s understanding of various industries is comprehensive as shown by the following representation of sectors in which she has served as a neutral:  

Dispute Resolution

Ms. Langbein continually enhances her ability to provide the highest level of professionalism in the field of ADR by attending neutral conferences and undergoing annual training on important issues such as implicit bias, cybersecurity, clarity in award writing, process essentials and the like.

Importantly, Ms. Langbein abides by the ADR industry’s published ethical standards for arbitrators and mediators. Her professional ability and high ethical standards in the legal industry have been recognized with an AV rating by Martindale Hubbell for the past 25 years. Langbein ADR Services’ commitment to providing prompt, professional, and personalized services makes it a preferred choice for resolving disputes efficiently and amicably.

Leslie W. Langbein’s unrivaled expertise in ADR is a product of her extensive legal background, specialized training, significant experience, and commitment to ethical practices. Her contributions to arbitration and mediation make her an invaluable asset to the ADR community. For legal professionals seeking an experienced and trustworthy ADR expert, Leslie W. Langbein’s distinguished credentials present an ideal choice. Her role in promoting harmonious resolutions outside the traditional court system aligns perfectly with the modern-day legal landscape’s need for efficient, cost-effective, and humane conflict resolution.